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I’m Claire, a Michigan native and neuroscientist-turned-consultant who has been traveling the world since 2015. After leaving my typical college life to travel for two years while finishing my degree, I fell in love with traveling and experiencing the world through authentic experiences with locals. Out of this, Real Girls Travel was born!

Real Girls Travel is for genuine girls who want to have real, raw, authentic experiences that go beyond the typical touristy stuff. Above all else, from the highest to the lowest points of travel, everything you see here is 100% real.

Over the years, I’ve learned that galavanting across the world doesn’t necessarily make life easier, but it does make you a hell of a lot better. I created this site with you in mind, providing the best tips, tricks, guides, and advice to empower the female travelers of the world to get out there and discover the real world.

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I began my international travels the summer after my first year of undergrad in Salzburg, Austria. Though by now I’m a pretty seasoned traveler, taking that first leap gave me more fear and anxiety than I have ever had in my entire life. Like, vomiting kind of anxiety.

But it was also the best and most memorable experience I could have ever had, and turned out to influence my life in ways I had never imagined.

Upon returning from Europe, I knew I had caught a classic case of the travel bug. As I continued with my studies in college the following year, it became clear that I wanted travel to be more than just the odd vacation every now and then or a single study abroad semester. One thing came after another, and soon I flipped my entire world upside down: I quit my research job, changed my major, decided not to pursue medical school, and soon found myself as the sole intern for an NGO in Albania that summer. Though terrifying at first, once again – the experience transformed my life.

After a year of straddling between my studies and my travels, I decided it was time to leave my home campus and finish my degree with the world as my classroom. Since, I’ve gone on exchange in the Netherlands, interned at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, and studied abroad and lived in Copenhagen, Denmark – and discovered 15 more countries, two more continents, and a world (literally!) of friends while doing so.

I’m now living a permanently nomadic lifestyle traveling full-time while doing what I love – writing for Real Girls Travel and helping others discover themselves and the world through authentic travel!